Pakistan to head in a new direction

A destiny foretold generations ago

Today we celebrate our independence day,  but what makes this day even better, is the fact that this year’s independence is a day of true freedom and honesty because this time Imran Khan is our Prime Minister in waiting.  Imran Khan will take the oath of prime minister on the 18 of August 4 days, from now, PTI leader Senator Faisal Javed, had said on Friday.

 “Imran Khan to take oath as Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the 18th Aug 2018 inshALLAH”.

This day is celebrated in memory of the founder and leader Quaid-e-azam, and the lives of those who died while fighting for freedom, those who have made countless sacrifices.  It’s because of them that today we are free from the  shackles of slavery at the hands of the British and the Hindus. Quaid-e-azams  struggle was diligent and persevering. The people of Pakistan have suffered cruel behavior of the Britishers for many years. Many Pakistanis  sacrificed their lives, home and families for Pakistan country. Today we have been liberated in several fields such as education, sports, business and many more. Imran shared that he will put forward the name of a “corruption-free” candidate.

What brought independence to the Muslims of the subcontinent?  And what must we do?

Jinnah and Imran Khan

Passion. The passion for having freedom. We were not a lazy nation, we were not cowards, but somehow 70 years later we became like this at the hands of corrupt politicians that we had. But, a lot has changed now and there will be even bigger and better changes in time to come, thanks to Imran Khan. “The nominee will have a clean image with not a single corruption charge against him,” the PTI chief said.  “You all must support this nominee,” he stressed, adding that his decision will be made on the basis of merit and nation’s benefit.  But, we shouldn’t let one man do everything on his own.

We should also be a brave nation once again, a nation of 200 million people that is ready to get up and fight and stand for what is right. For ourselves and for our children and future generations to come; the time is right now. Principles taught have been by our founding fathers and should be remembered once again. It is our responsibility to play our part in transforming Pakistan into a strong and prosperous country. We have the power of high technology we have the power of social media to help us achieve this goal.

Muslims in the Indian subcontinent came to the call of the great leader Quiad-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The new homeland became true at a time when it seemed impossible to win. Pakistan was created from the ideas and for ideas yet to come. Winning freedom was the first step in this direction. With that in mind, we can do anything, we are a powerful nation, when we put our mind to something. So, believe in Imran’s ideas and lets show the world what Pakistan really  is.

And what Pakistanis are made of. This time for good-manners, bravery, love and passion. Real Freedom means achieving the goal of becoming self-sufficient and capable of protection. Your interests that inspires you and enhancing  your values. Freedom will truly be freedom only when we follow.   We must think to take our country to good manners like we have a need to make Pakistan clean, corruption free, well cultured,  we should definitely respect our society. We should respect and help each other.

A lot of people, especially the Indians and the west surely hates Imran Khan. And believe or say things like he can’t and won’t fulfill his promises. They say this because they’re scared of what he is capable of. Moreover, they are scared of us as a nation as to what we are capable of when we come together on the same idea. The power that we unravel is ten times more than they can even imagine.  And people are in great favor of Imran, lots of people believe in him and trust him. Even the woman alone. A lot of Indian and Pakistani woman gathered together to celebrate Naya Pakistan on August 11, that’s enough proof that the country is tuned with Imran Khans vision, and believe in his dream which are our dreams as-well.

A man who started his journey in accomplishing his goals and making his dreams come true, around two decades ago finally reaches his destination.  An ideal leader comes to power, finally, after Quaid-e-Azam and many fake leaders and politicians who were trying to destroy this country.

I heartily congratulate Imran Khan on his victory. He faced many challenges in his struggles but never ever gave up. Imran has won the hearts of millions. Every Pakistani expects a lot from our leader and hopes for a prosperous future. The whole nation believes in the fulfillment of the promises he has made.  Imran pledged that he would work for the poor. When was the last time any head of state said that he would work for the poor? This is a true leader. There are political and administrative challenges which include water, food, economic, and social issues. When the  PTI will fix all of the problems in the shortest possible time.

Heres a sweet reminder that proves that Imran Khan can do anything he puts his mind too.

Imran, founded his political party, PTI (Pakistan Movement for Justice), in 1996, and for years made no progress. Many mocked him. The Guardian journalist, Declan Walsh dismissed him as ‘a miserable politician’, whose ideas and affiliations had ‘swerved and skidded like a rickshaw in a rain shower’.

PTI did make a small amount of progress 2013 general elections, when it emerged as the second largest party by national vote and with 30 parliamentary seats. Furthermore, Khan’s party secured control of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (formerly North-West Frontier Province). Still, it all was not enough to challenge for national power.

But then… whiten the past three months, there has been a dramatic change. I’d like to imagine how Declan Walsh feels now. The world needs to take seriously the prospect that Pakistan’s sporting idol and former Test cricket captain and prime minister of Pakistan, is here to make real positive changes.

The entire nation is in an uproar of passion all over again and it feels like the same energy from the hearts of those who had passed away in the effort of creating this beautiful country.  Imran Khan’s first speech was so moving unlike any other we have heard before from any other politician.  Khan’s determination and the way the world has responded to his victory show that “change is not coming, change has come”.

So what is it that you think?

Do you believe in Imran Khans vision like the Pakistani Muslims believed in Quaid-e-Azam’ss vision of the two nation theory?

Do you believe that as a whole we can bring massive changes?

You can send in your thoughts and comments in the comments to this post.


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